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 22nd April 2019

This Monday just gone, a new interview that I recorded with the lovely Scott Laidler went live on his podcast.

Click for HERE for podcast interview

Scott is a Health Podcaster / Health & Fitness Columnist for @TelegraphMen ,  and personal trainer To The UK Film industry.

His podcast series is titled “Healthy Ambition” where Scott interviews high performing individuals about their journey to success, daily rituals and performance hacks.

Scott had heard about my interview with Jamie Day for Man Talk where I talked about my struggles with anxiety and mental health since my teenage years. He said he wanted to discuss with me further about how I overcame those struggles and be able to have a successful career.

So here it is!! I feel honoured to have been asked by Scott and it was privilege to do the interview with him. I hope what I’ve discussed will help others in the future.

Click for HERE for full podcast interview.

Here’s Scott’s social media channels should you wish to follow him. Here he deals with all kinds of health issues and concerns including fitness, diet, online personal training etc.

Instagram : @scottlaidlerfitness

Facebook: @scottlaidlerfitness

Twitter: @scott_laidler

Below is a small excerpt from the interview.