1st May 2019

The wonderful Marian Newman is one of only a few manicurists that are now celebrated in the world of fashion. 

I first started meeting manicurists on shoots when I was in NYC in the late 90’s, the likes of the wonderful Sheryl Bailey, Bernadette Thompson and Jin Soon  

They were not so well known back then to the general public, but slowly over time they’ve become known as the industry greats and when I came back to London in the early 2000’s I met Marian on a shoot, which was the first time I’d ever met a manicurist on shoot in the UK.

Marian is now the leading manicurist in the UK and quite possibly the world, and with 6 text books in total to her name already in circulation this new one just adds to her long list.

This one however is different as it’s based on her seeing career in the fashion world. The book is a great size too ( big enough to be a coffee table book but small enough to go in your handbag.

It’s not only got great images in it from Marian’s career taken by some of the worlds top fashion photographers, but there’s also some great anecdotes from her about the different shoots.

The book retails at £25.00/$29.99 and is available at Amazon UK / Amazon US and all leading book stores.