Illustration: Nuno Da Costa

Illustration: Nuno Da Costa

5th June 2019

Hi All.

I get sent many DM messages asking for hair advice, so I’ve decided to start sharing them with you in my new, regular post “Dear Mr Moodie…..”

Feel free to send me any hair questions you have people, and I will answer them the best way I know how.


Let’s take a look at the first one which is about haircutting and how often

A reader writes…
Forgive me, Mr Moodie, for I have sinned. It has been five months since my last hair cut. But, I have to wonder: does it matter?

I know it’s recommended to get a trim every six weeks (and see the dentist every six months) but honestly, I never really have (but I do have a regular reminder on my phone to see the dentist). That being said, I can’t remember the last time I left it this long between trims and now my split ends are out of control! I promise to book an appointment soon but should I really be having a cut every six months? Or is this all a marketing ploy to part with my hard-earned cash?

From Susan with Stressed Tresses


Here are a few rules I advise people to follow.

Ph Ben Toms for Vogue China

Ph Ben Toms for Vogue China

For short hair this really depends on whether you want to keep your short haircut the same shape/length or not. On average hair grows approx 0.5 inches a month ( that’s 1.27cm for anybody who uses metric), so in order to maintain your short haircut I would suggest to trim every 5/6 weeks. It is much more noticeable when short hair grows so unless you’re up for growing your hair cut out, that’s what I’d recommend.

If you’re planning to grow your hair from short to longer then you can definitely wait longer than 6 weeks. You would have to see how long you could go before you would need to get it trimmed but I would recommend no longer than 6 months maximum to get your first chop.


If your hair length is below the shoulder or longer then your hair is older and potentially more fragile. This can be due to many things: exposure to sun, hair chemicals ie: colouring, perming, straightening etc, dry heat tools like straightening irons and curling tongs, so I suggest to get a trim every 6-8 weeks in order to maintain a healthy length. You could potentially go 10 -12 weeks but this really depends on the condition and strength of your hair.


Look out for split ends and damage!!

Split ends are when the end of the each strand of hair splits into 2 or more. At this point the hair is damaged and will not repair, no matter how much product, oils, masks etc you put on it, so go and get a cut the minute you see this happening.

The appearance of many split ends will automatically make your hair look dry.

There are many products on the market that claim to repair split ends but I personally don't believe that they can be repaired. The best remedy is to cut them off!!


There are 3 main causes of split ends. Do you know what they are?

1) Damage caused by dry heat tools such as hair dryers, curling tongs/irons, and straightening irons. . 

2) Damage caused by chemicals such as colour, perms, bleaching and chemical straighteners. Chemically treated hair tends to be instantly more fragile. To keep chemically treated hair healthy and prevent breakage, try to trim every 6-8 weeks.

3) Damage from combing, brushing, styling or anything else that agitates the hair, ie: vigorous towel-drying.

Remember: If you have finer hair then naturally it tends to be weaker and so will split and become damaged more easily than thick coarse hair.

There are 6 types of split ends to look out for

Design by Kevin Peralta

Design by Kevin Peralta

I’ve had people say to me so many times, “I’m growing my hair I’m not going to cut it”, then wonder why after 3 months their hair looks crap! Here’s the thing: If hair is allowed to go for too long without a trim, the ends will potentially get damaged and break off. It’s better to cut damaged, split, dry ends off at the earlier stages of growing your hair rather than waiting until it looks so bad that you’ll end up having to cut more off in order for it to look good again.

In terms of parting with your hard earned cash Susan, well that’s up to you, but I always say, would you prefer to have your hair looking unhealthy, dry and damaged? It might also be time to invest in some decent hair products to look after your hair better, if you haven’t already.

Mr Moodie X

Please write to me with any hair related questions