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April 29th 2019

Mental Health Awareness

As some of you may know, last year I did a podcast interview for Man Talk Podcast, with the host Jamie Day.

The premise of Jamie’s series was/is to raise awareness of mens mental health, and to normalise the conversation as much as possible, in a world where there’s still so much stigma attached to it.

Jamie interviewed 12 men, including myself, from all different walks of life to discuss the mental health issues they’ve been through, how they managed it and what are their coping mechanisms.

The series was very popular and I do believe there’s a second series about to start soon.

Cut to this year, and I’ve done another interview for the podcast series Healthy Matters, with its host Scott Laidler. Scott is a a PT and also a journalist for the Telegraph and The Huffington post.

Anyway, watch this little video I made, and you’ll learn more about what I was discussing with Scott and there’ll be links to both podcasts too.

Remember, sharing can save lives.

For Healthy Matters Podcast with Scott Laidler click HERE

For Man Talk Podcast with Jamie Day click HERE