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20th Sept 2019

Last week I booked myself in to an amazing place in Fitzrovia, London called Pfeffer Sal, on recommendation from Make-up artist friend Sandra Cooke.

I was on a shoot with Sandra and I was discussing how I never get facials and thought I was due one especially as I was feeling and looking tired and a tad grey. Sandra jumped at the opportunity to recommend a place called Pfeffer Sal, and I can tell you now, I’m so glad she did.

Founded by Andrea Pfeffer, Andrea is a London based, ex-Melbournian, figure skating, beauty devotee and skin health alchemist. Pfeffer Sal’s motto is: ” TODAY’S FACIALS ARE MORE THAN A LUXURY INDULGENCE, THEY ARE AN INVESTMENT IN SKIN HEALTH”. They also have no brand affiliations, which allows them to use only the brands they truly love. BTW: Pfeffer Sal is Pepper Salt in German for those who don’t know their German.

Set in the beautiful Warren Mews in Fitzrovia, just off Warren Street W1, this gorgeous little cobbled cul-de-sac is accessed from under a building on the main street.

Pfeffer Sal is located in the bottom right hand corner of the mews and looks pretty small from the outside but as you enter into this serene, tranquil building, the space expands out to the right which isn’t visible from the outside.

I was greeted by the lovely Kate, and then Chloe who was wearing a lab coat ( love that little touch too) She was going to do my treatment and after filling in the standard, first visit forms on the iPad, she got to it.

Treatment Room

Treatment Room

Chloe took me to one of the treatments rooms and left me to take my top off and lie on the comfortable treatment bed, where my legs were raised higher than my body ( which was great for tired, aching hairstylist legs) , and I covered myself with the gorgeous thick duvet supplied. (Another lovely little touch I thought)

I was ready to fall asleep straight away, what heaven!! …… Anyway, Chloe examined my skin closely and let me know what she thought. Apparently I have good skin but it is prone to flair ups of psoriasis, which luckily I wasn't having at the time. I also use a Clarisonic everyday which Chloe recommended I only use once a week instead of everyday.

I really wanted to put myself in her hands and so I left her to it. This is what she did.

Post treatment skin.

Post treatment skin.

1) Cleanse with oil based cleanser to break down any products or SPF on the skin

2) Cleanse with cream cleanser to thoroughly remove dirt and debris from the pores

3) Exfoliation with enzymatic exfoliator to remove the dead skin cells from the skin surface

4) Steam and extractions to reduce congestion

5) Organic silicon advanced into the skin with sonopheresis technology. Organic silicon supports skin healing and collagen production. Sonopheresis pushes this active ingredient deeper into the skin for more effective absorption.

6) Face massage ( which was amazing btw)

7) Alginate mask to calm the skin and reduce inflammation

8) Led light, blue antibacterial, red anti-inflammatory and Near Infra Red to boost collagen production.

9) Finished with SPF

I can’t remember at which point I fell asleep but I felt so relaxed and looked after, the only thing that woke me up was my only little mini snores….. ( oooops - sorry Chloe) Chloe said the fact that I fell asleep meant she was doing her job properly.

Anyway, when I looked in the mirror I looked and felt so much better, and my face looked alive again. Chloe gave me some sample products to try which I loved, instead of having a load of products thrust at me which you’re normally expected to buy there and then, plus they followed up my appointment with a great email service where they recommended what my next treatment should be, and also recommended products with some handy skin care tips. See below:

Top tips!

Wearing an SPF every day and incorporating antioxidants into your routine will help to slow collagen loss.

Eat more healthy fats. Essential fatty acids will assist your skin in retaining moisture. Avocados and flaxseeds are both great sources.

Drink up! Remember without water, vitamins cannot infuse into your cells. Poor hydration means poor nutritional uptake.

If there’s one ingredient that is a must in every great skincare routine, it’s hyaluronic acid. A daily dose of this superstar will help to reduce the appearance of fine lines, hydrate, improve skin texture, and plump out the skin. This wonder molecule holds 1000 times its weight in water and is the key to your skin retaining moisture.

I’m already planning my next visit but to book yourself, here’s all the details below:


Warren Mews


London. W1T 6BY

Tel: +44 (0) 203 8834 702



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