Me at the launch party

Me at the launch party

17th Sept 2019

Last week from the 11-15th October PR guru Millie Kendal MBE and the British Beauty Council launched the first ever London Beauty Week in Covent Garden.

There were lot’s of events that happened including Glossybox’s beauty hunt around the piazza, personal appearances at the Nars store, cocktail evenings at Jo Malone, masterclasses with Vlogger Sophie Hannah Richardson at Kio, masterclasses at the Tom Ford make up store, Chanel hosting a evening of sketching with illustrator Melissa Bailey, and much more, all in association with GLAMOUR Magazine UK, and the one event which I have a huge love and passion for, plus I personally took part in, the Haircuts for Homeless pop-up at the BB Council Hub on Floral Street on the the 12th September from 9-11am.

I worked alongside the founder of Haircuts 4 Homeless Stewart Roberts ( who I interviewed for my first podcast series click here for episode) and 3 other session hairdressing legends, Adam Reed, Jonnie Sapong and Leigh Keates.


It was a great morning and we had our first customer ready for a haircut before I’d even got my kit out. It was great to be part of this event. I wanted to get involved because Haircuts for Homeless is so much more than just giving a homeless person a haircut. It's about people's state of mind, helping to give them a sense of purpose again and well being. Sometimes these people don't talk to anybody properly for days/weeks and because mental health is so close to my heart as a subject, if I can help to start lifting somebody's mental state by giving them a haircut and a chat, it's the least I can do.


The event was featured everywhere in the press and has gained some great traction for the charity.

Please go visit their website and take a look and any hairdressers who wish to take part themselves in the 60 odd centres now set up, down and across the country, all the details are on their website.

The lovely Leigh Keates posted a really heart felt statement on his Instagram after the event. See below with a link to Leigh’s Instagram too

Leigh Instagram

Photo credit  @archiegram  for  @beautypapersmag  -

Photo credit @archiegram for @beautypapersmag -

” Meet Chris; he dropped by for a haircut while waiting in line to do his washing.
He smiled when he told me his son and I share the same name. He’s a a couple of years older than me though. It made me think of my dad, how would I feel if my dad was out there on the streets.
Chris had never grown a beard before ending up on the streets, he found it too difficult to regularly clean shave and it also keeps his face warm during the winter months.
As the appointment came to an end Chris told me its the most relaxed he’s felt in 30 years. I found this very heartwarming and sad at the same time, it was a pleasure to provide such a service to him and I realised the importance of wellbeing and the power of the human touch. Apparently humans produce oxytocin when we touch, it allows us to connect to others and promotes a feel-good sensation that foster a sense of well being.
If like me you’re lucky enough to have friends and family around you then we have this kind of connection all the time that we all probably take for granted. Imagine, constantly being reminded that you’re outcasted by society.
There’s no simple solution, and every case is different, but it’s important to remember they all have a human story, whether it’s bad luck or unfortunate decisions no one should have to live without these basic human needs.
Thanks for these valuable lessons Chris”