23rd August 2019

Hello Virgos or Virgoans, which ever you prefer to be called.


It’s your time of the year. Virgos are often thought of in relation to their symbol The Virgin, as the purest of all the zodiac signs. Striving for perfection, even getting frustrated when perfection isn’t possible. Very supportive of their friends and family and are often the first ones to even give people they don’t know, the benefit of the doubt. Virgos also have the best memories out of any of the horoscopes. Virgos don’t like to mess up so they will look at all sides of a problem before giving a solution. You are hardworking and will have sleepless nights just to get all of your work done. People admire the dedication of a Virgo. You have very good memories and use art as an escape to your problems, expressing yourself through music, dance, acting, and drawing. Virgos are loyal and will always remain faithful, filled with love and affection, with a kind and humble heart, you’re always trying to help anyone and everyone in your life. Virgos never do anything in half measures. your modesty and humility is what draws people to them


Your negative traits include overanalysing situations and also being very critical of not only themselves but everyone else in their lives too. Being so critical is the reason why you get easily frustrated and occasionally short tempered.  Having such good memory for things can not only be a positive thing but also a negative, as you will think of something that happened to you years ago and cringe that you let it happen. Worrying about it so much that it can sometimes get the better to you. Virgos can be critical, uptight and stubborn, giving yourself a hard time over things, you can also be picky and give yourself or other people a hard time over something quite small and trivial

So people, based on these supposed facts ( and remember these are only common assumptions of your star sign, it’s not just my thoughts on you) let’s look at what hair is probably best for somebody of this star sign.

Because of your constant striving for perfection I think for you guys it’s about having the most prefect precision hairstyle or haircut. Whether it be short, bob length or long.

Its got to be neat, sharp lines and well………. just perfect. I don’t think we’re talking textures, dishevelment or razored. Its all about the sharp lines, and that goes for you boys too. Its about the perfect, sharp, barbered haircut. You’re in luck too because for AW19 there’s a lot of precision going on in hair trends.

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 08.23.34.png

Neat perfect plaiting ( yes I’m goin back to using the word plaiting from braiding - plaiting feels more British hahaha) was seen in long hair at the Prada show, perfectly centre parted.

Smooth, centre parted, neat hair was seen at Christopher Kane and at the Fendi Couture show where, Sam Mcknight created the perfectly cut and coloured bowl cut wigs on every girl with the colours matching their outfits. it doesn’t really get any more perfect the that, plus at the Valentino Couture show, perfectly slick back hair was decorated with small plaits coming for the centre parting on either side almost creating like a head band shape and then the plaits were tied around the base of the ponytails.

ponytails .001.jpeg

Also for styling neat hair, low ponytails perfectly tied with bows were seen at Ralph Lauren, Victoria Beckham and Thom Browne and the bows were at the Oscar De La Renta show I feel the perfect ponytails would be good for Virgos , whether they be high, mid or low

Seeing as you Virgos have really good memories too it might be an idea to look at some old haircuts or hairstyle;es that you’ve had in the past that you felt really worked on you, and maybe it’s about re-visiting those old styles again. There’s always to update them so don’t worry about looking old fashioned

Screenshot 2019-08-24 at 08.51.17.png

For men the neat barbered faded buzzcuts are the way to go for you Virgos. Striving for that perfection again or go super long and have the perfectly long, healthy, untouched hair from bob length to right down the back .

And so that’s your lot Virgos….. stay neat, stay perfect and have a good month

Neil x