Ph: Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue NL . Hair Neil Moodie

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue NL . Hair Neil Moodie

9th July 2019

Beachy hair has become one of the most desirable types of hairstyles for most women with longer hair. It’s the perfect easy, sexy hair and it’s basically a combination of sea water, sunshine, the humidity and letting it dry naturally in the sun without brushing or combing.

So how do you get this look at home when there’s no sea, no sand, and not enough sun??

It’s a question I’ve been asked so many times over the last few years and I’ve seen and read about many versions of what people think is a beach wave. I just want to confirm something to whoever is reading. The one that really ISN’T a beach wave, is the hair tongued uniformly with straight ends and a bit of texture spray in. Sorry guys and hairstylists who do this and call it a beach wave but this kind of styling just doesn’t look natural enough or good enough to be called beach hair.

This kind of hair has normally been blow dried out smooth first, then tongued, but when you’re on the beach you don’t blow dry out your hair first ( errr, there’s no electricity) nor would the waves look like perfectly uniformed waves all through your hair.

Ph: Greg Kadel for Vogue Spain. Hair Neil Moodie

Ph: Greg Kadel for Vogue Spain. Hair Neil Moodie

Anyway, enough of what it isn’t as I don’t want to unnecessarily slag people off but lets talk about how to to get it properly and looking authentic.

First layer your hair with a detangler/primer/heat protectant spray and then add a salt based styling product all the way through from roots to ends. Now your hair is layered with product, oh and by the way if you feel your hair is too fine to add salt spray then add some light mousse instead, or a thickening / texture spray or cream and you will still get similar results.

I recommend the following Sea Salt Sprays and Texture Spray

Sacha Juan Ocean Mist RRP: £18.00

Redken Fashion Waves 07 Salt Spray RRP: £16.50

Biolage R.A.W. Texture Spray RRP: £20.99

Sea Salt Products.001.jpeg

Take a diffuser, attach it to your hairdryer and dry your hair as if you’re air drying it. You can even turn your head upside down. Don’t scrunch your hair like we used to do in the 80’s as you’re trying to create a natural texture not a forced one. Try to touch your hair as little possible whilst it’s drying, only gently use your fingers to move your hair around and lift the roots, so the heat gets everywhere in the hair. You can even gently cup the ends of your hair a little so the ends don’t dry to straight.

If your hair is naturally very curly you can either leave the curls to dry in as they are or if they a little curlier than needed, gently pull them out a little with your fingers whilst you’re diffusing the hair.

Be careful not to pull too much as you don’t want your hair to go frizzy.

Again, tipping your head upside down is a good way to diffuse the natural texture into your hair, and get some volume at the roots on top.

Make sure your hair is completely dry before you move onto the next stage and only use your fingers as a comb or brush. Ideally you should touch the hair as little as possible apart from putting a parting in or to place your hair into shape.

Ph: Water Chin for Victorias Secret. Hair Neil Moodie

Ph: Water Chin for Victorias Secret. Hair Neil Moodie

Brushing or combing hair at this stage will make the texture different ( more flyway). Rule of thumb is that you shouldn’t really comb your hair when it’s dry anyways.

The next stage is the crucial one: To wave or not to wave, that is the question??

Should you have supermodel Gisele Bundchen hair and it dries into amazing beach waves with just product, then you are pretty much done and can skip to the last paragraph about texture sprays,

I’ll let you into a secret here. I used to work a lot with the lovely Gisele for Victoria’s Secret and once we went to an island called Los Roques to shoot and Gisele would come to my room super early to have her hair done and because they wanted beachy hair I would literally spray sea water in her hair, add a little Khiels Silk Groom and then we would have breakfast on the terrace and let her hair dry naturally in the sun. By the time we were finished eating breakfast and chatting, her hair would be practically dry. Whilst she was having make-up done we would pin it into a loose top knot to encourage a bit of volume on the top, and by the time she was dressed and ready to shoot , I’d let her her hair down from the knot and it would be perfect, and everybody thought I’d spent hours getting it ready… haha

Sometimes the skill in hairdressing is knowing when to not do that much to get the perfect results ;-)) . Less is sometimes more as they say. Anyway, if you don’t have that kind of hair ( which most people don’t - yes, Gisele was pretty blessed) then it’s the time to use the curling tong.

GHD Curve Classic curl tong  .jpg

I recommend the GHD Curve Curling Iron ( £120.00) The longer your hair is the larger the curling iron you should use.

You’re not trying to create uniformed waves or curls. It’s more about creating some movement in the hair. You don't need to twist or curl your hair in the same direction for each section,

as you want this look to be naturally wavy and not too uniform. Take random sections of hair and wrap around a curling iron either at the mid lengths or towards the ends and holding the iron in the hair for around 3-5 seconds. Don’t leave the iron in your hair any longer than 4-5 secs as the curl/wave will become too set and look forced. A good trick is to bevel the ends of each section with the curling iron, and that way you will never have those terrible poker straight ends. NB: If your hair is pretty wavy or curly naturally then you could leave the curling tong in the hair for only 2-3 seconds, and move it up and down the hair a little at the same time. ( you can watch this technique in my video at the end of this post)

Once you’ve gone through all your hair with the curling iron use your fingers to brush the waves out. Shake out the hair instead of actually brushing it though and a good tip is to spray a little of the salt spray onto your fingers and massage it into your hair or just lightly mist your hair with the spray, direct from the bottle.

Screenshot 2019-08-12 at 20.56.19.png

Should you think you need a little bit more texture then I suggest to spray a little Sam McKnight Barely There Texture Mist into the roots and mid lights.

This is available to buy from Liberty London for £25.00

And so if you want to watch one of my tutorials explaining how to create different curls in your hair including the beach wave, then just watch the video below.

One last thing if you fancy making your own sea salt spray, here’s my recommendation.

1 tablespoon of sea salt dissolved into hot/warm water, add a table spoon of leave-in hair conditioner and optional add a coupe of drops of essential oils for scent ( preferably Lavender or Neroli for me ) , pour into a spray bottle and Voila.

Happy beach waving for all you staycationers.