July 23rd 2019

Hello Leo's and welcome to this months “Hair-oscope”.

Leo July 23rd - August 22nd.

The constellation of Leo is a lion. The theory is that the sun is amongst its stars in midsummer, which is the period in which the Egyptian lions left their desert living areas to go to the Nile, where they would find relief from the heat. Greek mythology tells us the lion was sent down by Hera to kill her archenemy, and after his death he was placed amongst the stars by Zeus, the king of gods.

Leos are considered creative, extrovert and dominant and just like the lion they are seen to be ambitious, courageous, , dominant, independent, positive, self-confident and strong willed.

Ph: Jem Mitchell for Mixt(é) Magazine. Hair by Neil Moodie

Ph: Jem Mitchell for Mixt(é) Magazine. Hair by Neil Moodie

You love all things new, shying away from the mundane and the ordinary. You are idealistic, intelligent and can be very philosophical. You have playful and loving natures, great with children, but can become arrogant and self-centred. The cunning nature of a leo allows them to use trickery against those who have wronged them. They need regular approval, which can be very tiring for those around them especially as they’ll create drama around themselves if they’re bored.

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Russia. Hair by Neil Moodie

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue Russia. Hair by Neil Moodie

Leos colour is gold which matches it’s status as the lion ( King Of the Jungle) and as far as hair is concerned it means that Leos have to have the best hair possible, and if they don’t then they will go to whatever lengths to get the best hair.

The best way to do this Leos is to understand your hair type, your face shape, your personality and your style in order to get the best out of your haircut. To help you along your way, here’s the face shapes and haircuts/styles that suit them the best.


Diamond: The best haircuts for this face shape are ones that soften the sharp angles and balance cheekbones. Aim for mid length or long layered cuts worn with soft waves, deeper side partings or chin-length bobs.

Square: A cut that softens your forehead and jawline is ideal for flattering your face. Styling your hair with a side swept parting which helps to offset the squareness. Long, light layers also work and helps to disguise the sharp angles of your face. If you prefer something more cropped go for a short layered bob, preferable with a side swept fringe to accentuate your cheekbones.

Heart Shape: Aim for a cut that decreases your brow width and increases the width of the lower half of your face. A long side-swept cut will disguise part of your forehead while drawing eyes down to the bottom of your face. Waves and curls starting below the ear can even out your angled jaw. Short haircuts overall work on a heart shaped face, but keep the hair parting on the side.

Rectangular: You should soften the appearance of your sharp jaw and forehead without elongating the face. A soft layered cut can enhance cheekbones while disguising the corners of your face. Avoid longer styles so as not to elongate your face. If you insist on having longer hair then try styling your hair with waves or curls which will soften the sharp angles of your face.

Round: Round faces need elongating one way or another. Any hair cut that is jaw length is a no no, as are wide volumes curls! Go for longer hair with layers below the jaw line. Shorter haircuts with height on top can work, or opt for a short fringe with longer hair above the eyebrows to open up and elongate the face.

Triangle: These feature a strong jawline that is wider than the forehead and a chin that is square or flat. It’s best to pick a hairstyle that will balance out the jaw and minimise the bottom-heavy appearance of the face. Layers that finish at the eyes/cheekbones or collarbone are great, as are pixie cuts and short side fringes.

Oval: Oval faces… you are the lucky ones. Anything goes, anything suits so as a Leo I would suggest a style that feels enpowering. A blunt Bob or Lob is the perfect hair for you. Even a short sharp fringe shows you mean business.

Ph: Jem Mitchell for Vogue China. Hair by Neil Moodie

Ph: Jem Mitchell for Vogue China. Hair by Neil Moodie

So Leos, pick your face shape, figure out with your stylist exactly what hair type you have so you’re fully aware of what your hair can and can’t do, then choose the perfect haircut for you and all things will be golden.

Also in terms of hair colour, be bold and don’t be afraid to really go there when it comes to colour. If you’re bold then you will stand out from the crowd, and you know that’s what you love!!;-))

Below is one of my favourite “ Golden” songs to help you along your way. See you next month zodiacers . X