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22nd June 2019

Hello hair-oscopians and welcome to this months “Hair-oscope”, Cancer June 21st - July 22nd.

Cancerians, represented by the crab, generally seem easygoing, sympathetic, and patient one minute, but they can become quite cranky and irritable the next minute.

Because of this ability to make a sudden change, Cancer is the least predictable sign of the zodiac. 

Cancerians are ruled by the moon and have water as their element, so their mood swings can be compared to the turbulence of changing water tides and the appearance of full moons. The translation of the word ‘Moon’ in Italian is ‘Luna’, and quite often Cancerians are referred to as having lunatic behaviour (or lunatica in Italian) . ‘Luna’ , “lunatica” , ‘ruled by the moon’………. see where I’m going with this?


Cancerians are very intuitive, to the point of possibly being psychic. They can sense the smallest changes in somebody’s behaviour, so it is hard to deceive them. They have a good memory and their good observational skills makes them very aware of others ulterior motives.

They are known to be tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive, but can also be insecure manipulative, moody, pessimistic and suspicious.

Should they feel the need they will retreat within their own emotional shell to keep others out. However, they can also be very sympathetic to others and show their affections very easily. Cancerians are also very emotional and sensitive, which may be why they can show so much empathy towards others. 

Cancerians need a lot of attention due to their unpredictable character, but if you give them the support they need, they will offer you their undying loyalty and love. Once you have won their trust, nothing will sway them against you. 

Ph: Corinne Day for French Vogue. Hair Neil Moodie

Ph: Corinne Day for French Vogue. Hair Neil Moodie

Cancerians love to change their hair, but one of the problems being, when they change it they’re happy initially, but 2/3 weeks later they wish they hadn't changed it or they’re bored again and go for another change. This is down to their insecurities and unpredictable behaviour..

What I recommend to all Cancerians is to have a really good think before you decide to change your haircut or colour, and if its a full moon, wait until it’s passed before making the sudden hair change.

Don’t make any quick decisions based on your emotions. Decide if the change you’re thinking about is just a spur of the moment decision or if it’s something you really want to do?

So for example if you’re thinking of having a fringe cut in, maybe don’t go for the full on fringe, just have something a little lighter that can be pushed aside and out of the way should you decide against it later on.

Ph: Roe Etheridge for Doublé Magazine. Hair Neil Moodie

Ph: Roe Etheridge for Doublé Magazine. Hair Neil Moodie

If you’re thinking of cutting your hair off, maybe try on some short wigs first and see how you feel. If you insist on having the short haircut, maybe go for a longer version of what your thinking, and should you be thinking of changing your colour, ie going from brunette to blonde, then just have some subtle blonde colours put in first before going the full hog, just to see how you feel.

I know these suggestions may seem like you’re not making a definite decision about your hair but this is what I suggest to do until you are 150% sure of a change of style or colour. Of course you can ignore me all together and just go for it…… but just bare in mind, your personality traits………

Happy hair changing and see you next month. X