14th June 2019

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier Hair: Neil Moodie

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier Hair: Neil Moodie

Fine hair is always an issue for people who have it. I’m constantly being asked, how to cope with it, what to do with it, what haircut to have when you have it.

In this post I’m giving out my recommendations of care, products and styles to help with this issue. I hope there’s some solutions here for you one way or another. Of course, DM me if you have any more questions.


A lot of them contain vitamins and minerals so they can help with the result when you’re styling it. Apply this all the way through your hair rather than just spritzing over the top or front of your hair.

These can also be known as Primers Some of my recommendations are:

Biolage Blowdry Glotion: A heat primer that lets you shape and reshape hair with a 450 degree thermal protection for fast, healthy-looking and frizz controlled blowouts

Wella Elements Conditioning Leave In Spray: A dual-phase spray that cares and protects hair from day to day stress and gives a gentle hold. 

Shu Uemura Wonder Worker : Smoothes, detangles, softens and fights frizz

Kevin Murphy Untangled: enriched with Australian fruit extracts

Childs Farm Hair Detangler for kids: contains grapefruit and tea tree oil infused formula which even helps keep head lice at bay.

VO5 Express Primer Spray ( great if you’re on a budget): with built-in 230 degree heat protection

Ph Credit: GHD

Ph Credit: GHD


Rake combs or wide tooth combs are good for fine hair because a finer comb will potentially not only damage your hair and make it break off but it will also remove the texture your hair does have and flatten it. After shampooing finer hair can tend to tangle more easily. Remember when your hair is wet it becomes more elasticated making it weaker and more fragile. Water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in our hair and they reform again when the hair dries off.

Always brush your hair through before shampooing and it’s imperative to comb it through when you have conditioner in it. When combing always start at the ends and work your way up to the roots NOT the other way round. If you start at the roots you will basically bring all the tangles together to a point and then it will be harder to get them out.

The GHD Carbon Anti Static Detangling comb is good and also the Tangle Teaser is an excellent product too. They now also do a wet detangler.


After shampooing your hair try to just squeeze your hair with a towel instead of rubbing and matting your hair into a tangled mess. I know wrapping your hair into a head wrap is fun and looks great, but it’s actually not really good for your hair as it’s just basically tangling it up even more. This is actually a general rule for all hair types but extremely relevant for fine hair.


Ph: Neil Moodie

Ph: Neil Moodie

I always recommend to brush longer hair everyday to loosen any stray strands. We lose on average about 120 hairs a day to make way for new ones. People with longer hair tend to always say to me

“ my hair falls out a lot” but most of the time it’s because when it’s longer you can see the hairs more than when they are shorter. Also if you get the hair out of your plug after a shower or bath you’ll notice that long hair looks dense, but if actually unravel it ( which I know most of you wouldn’t do…) it’s a lot less hair than you think.

A good hairbrush can also stimulate the scalp thus helping to encourage new hair growth. I still think the best on the market is a Mason and Pearson brush. There are many similar ones, but if you try a Mason brush you won’t look back. They cost more money initially but they are super durable and last forever, unless your friend steals it from you LOLz.


Concentrate especially on the root area, as this is where hair tends to go flat. Section the top of your hair and spray throughout from the root downwards. It’s a bit like scaffolding for the hair, so it gives your hair extra support and holds the volume.

There are so many thickening products on the market If your hair is finer I would suggest something a little stronger in hold, but make sure it’s not too sticky. If there’s a sample in the shop then put a little on your fingers and let the product dry off. See how sticky it feels as it drys and once it’s actually dry. If it feels like glue then it’s probably not for you

L’oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli is a fantastic product for giving volume and hold. It’s a heat-activated Spray that gives shape, and memory to the hair. I like it because you can layer it if you need more.

Ph Credit: @Burberry Hair by Neil Moodie

Ph Credit: @Burberry Hair by Neil Moodie


By using a diffuser on the hair dryer you can speed up the process of naturally drying the hair, to retain natural waves. Lift your hair from the root using the fingers to add more lift.

If you cannot find a regular diffuser to fit your hair then you can get what’s known as a sock diffuser.

Hot sock is a popular brand although there are now quite a few on the market to buy from either Sally Beauty, Amazon or eBay.


You have to be careful when layering fine hair as it can actually make the hair looker thinner and mire see through if the layering is done incorrectly. On longer hair I suggest long layers which allows you to keep the length but helps to lift the hair at the roots a little as the weight of it is lighter and gravity doesn’t pull it down as much.

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 11.18.40.png


If you like to keep your hair shorter then I suggest to keep the top of the hair heavier and a little longer which will create the illusion of thickness and then shorten the sides and the back. The shorter sides and back will support the longer length on top. Again, don’t cut the layers too short on the top as the will look more see through thus making it instantly look thicker.


Using a large curling iron is a good way to add more waves to your hair. Always spray your hair with a heat protectant hairspray before using any kind of heat tool and ideally if you can spray each section of hair you wave individually then even better. Follow your hair’s natural waves to define them. Alternate the direction of the waves for a more natural look. You can check out the youtube video I made for Make Up artist Wendy Rowe’s channel where I show you how to create more volume with waves.

Gently brush through the waves to give a more natural, undone finish.

This gives a really nice natural look, but it’s quite a polished natural. It’s similar to looks I’ve created recently on Gemma Chan. Your hair will feel and look shinier, healthier, and smoother without being flat.

Image Credit: @invisibobble

Image Credit: @invisibobble


If you’re one of those long haired people who like to tie your hair up, then for fine hair I suggest to not tie your hair too tight or with an extremely thin elastic.

A softer tie is better, a fabric scrunchie or Invisibobbles are great. Even a silk scarf is great too. These also make your hair look far more pretty in the long run, than just a regular old elastic hair tie which can easily damage your hair and make it break.


When asleep our head rubs against the pillow (obviously!) and as a result, the hair tangles pretty easily, for finer hair this can be even worse. You’ll hear me say this a lot - try buying a silk pillow… Your hair will be happy and also it actually feels great and silly and soft to sleep on. if a silk pillow is too expensive then just try to invest in the softest cotton you can find. Polished cotton, or sateen cotton pillows are better than regular cotton.


I’m a great believer in supplements and I know that a healthy diet can really help with hair health too, but sometimes we just don’t get enough.

Healthy hair generally needs iron, folic acid, and zinc to keep growing thick and strong. Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help with healthy hair growth too and are called essential fatty acids, because they can’t be produced by the human body.

Omega-6 is important for general skin care health, which might in turn benefit the scalp. Omega 3 and 6 can normally be found in fish although you can get supplements if you’re not a big fish eater.


Another great supplement which I’ve been taking for years is Viviscal. It contains Biotin, Zinc and AminoMar C ( an ingredient unique to Viviscal)  to help maintain healthy hair. They also have shampoos and conditioners etc. Rather than me explain it all here, I suggest to go and check out their website by clicking HERE

I hope that’s all helped and as I mentioned before if you have anymore questions then please don’t hesitate to DM me