May 16th 2019

Welcome to the first of my new posts

“Hair-oscopes”. It’s a play on words….. Horoscope and Hair…… Get it?

I’m a big fan of Horoscopes although I must admit I only really know about my own sign Scorpio, and which signs I’m compatible with, but then isn’t that all we need to about anyways?/ LOL.

So we’re currently in Taurus and whilst I know we’re nearing the end and about to hit Gemini it seemed rude not to cover Taurus whilst we’ll still in it.

So let’s look at some Taurus personality traits and from those, I will give my hair recommendations based around your supposed personality.

Represented by the bull Taurean’s come under the banner of Earth signs.

Ruled by Venus, this makes anyone born under this sign very sensual, loving a bit of comfort and luxury. A big fan of self care you love to bathe in essential oils or luxurious scents and live for self indulgence. Hard workers, you are ambitious and prefer to have spare cash for a rainy day. You have a tendency to be a little materialistic, liking the comforts in life ( nothing wrong with that I say).

You’re pretty calm the majority of the time, although rather like the bull, don’t piss a Taurean off as they may turn.

Because those born in the Taurus sign love their comforts and their daily routines, this can sometimes be perceived as lazy and make you resistance to change.

PH; Paul Wetherell for British Vogue

PH; Paul Wetherell for British Vogue

Taurus Hair: Looking at the traits mentioned above I think this can make Taureans be reluctant to change and easily get stuck in a hair rut.

Whether it be a change in products ( and it’s possible you may have a few in your cabinets already ) throw caution to the wind and treat yourself to some new ones, or have a go at using some of the ones you have bought but haven’t used yet

Being a fan of luxury I would say, that if you’ve opted for a generic brand in the past, go out on a limb and indulge in spending a little more money on a more expensive brand that will really do your hair some good.

Some of my recommended brands are:

Chāmpo, Davines, Kerastase, Living Proof, Malin + Goetz, Oribe, Ouai, Phyto, Redken, Sacha Juan, Virtue,

For more natural products I suggest Aveda, Biolage, Green People. Odylique, Neals Yard.

PH: Jem Mitchell Vogue Turkey

PH: Jem Mitchell Vogue Turkey

if changing your products just isn’t enough to get you out of that rut,, how about really going for it and changing your hairstyle.

Here’s some styles that are gonna be big for 2019:

The chin length bob ( smooth sharp and straight, side parting, wavy or curly , wear it any which you want) The long bob, blunt cut fringes and shaggy layers.

The chin length Bob is currently being sported by Irina Shayk, wife of Bradley Cooper, The long bob is currently being worn by Kendall Jenner, Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Margot Robbie & Emelia Clarke. Blunt fringes are being worn by Bella Hadid and the Shaggy/ Curly layers are being worn by Jourdan Dunn. Sandra Oh, and Jasmine Saunders

See you next month for Gemini!


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