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22nd June 2019

Hello hair-oscopians and welcome to this months “Hair-oscope”, Cancer June 21st - July 22nd.

Cancerians, represented by the crab, generally seem easygoing, sympathetic, and patient one minute, but they can become quite cranky and irritable the next minute.

Because of this ability to make a sudden change, Cancer is the least predictable sign of the zodiac. 

Cancerians are ruled by the moon and have water as their element, so their mood swings can be compared to the turbulence of changing water tides and the appearance of full moons. The translation of the word ‘Moon’ in Italian is ‘Luna’, and quite often Cancerians are referred to as having lunatic behaviour (or lunatica in Italian) . ‘Luna’ , “lunatica” , ‘ruled by the moon’………. see where I’m going with this?


Cancerians are very intuitive, to the point of possibly being psychic. They can sense the smallest changes in somebody’s behaviour, so it is hard to deceive them. They have a good memory and their good observational skills makes them very aware of others ulterior motives.

They are known to be tenacious, highly imaginative, loyal, emotional, sympathetic, persuasive, but can also be insecure manipulative, moody, pessimistic and suspicious.

Should they feel the need they will retreat within their own emotional shell to keep others out. However, they can also be very sympathetic to others and show their affections very easily. Cancerians are also very emotional and sensitive, which may be why they can show so much empathy towards others. 

Cancerians need a lot of attention due to their unpredictable character, but if you give them the support they need, they will offer you their undying loyalty and love. Once you have won their trust, nothing will sway them against you. 

Ph: Corinne Day for French Vogue. Hair Neil Moodie

Ph: Corinne Day for French Vogue. Hair Neil Moodie

Cancerians love to change their hair, but one of the problems being, when they change it they’re happy initially, but 2/3 weeks later they wish they hadn't changed it or they’re bored again and go for another change. This is down to their insecurities and unpredictable behaviour..

What I recommend to all Cancerians is to have a really good think before you decide to change your haircut or colour, and if its a full moon, wait until it’s passed before making the sudden hair change.

Don’t make any quick decisions based on your emotions. Decide if the change you’re thinking about is just a spur of the moment decision or if it’s something you really want to do?

So for example if you’re thinking of having a fringe cut in, maybe don’t go for the full on fringe, just have something a little lighter that can be pushed aside and out of the way should you decide against it later on.

Ph: Roe Etheridge for Doublé Magazine. Hair Neil Moodie

Ph: Roe Etheridge for Doublé Magazine. Hair Neil Moodie

If you’re thinking of cutting your hair off, maybe try on some short wigs first and see how you feel. If you insist on having the short haircut, maybe go for a longer version of what your thinking, and should you be thinking of changing your colour, ie going from brunette to blonde, then just have some subtle blonde colours put in first before going the full hog, just to see how you feel.

I know these suggestions may seem like you’re not making a definite decision about your hair but this is what I suggest to do until you are 150% sure of a change of style or colour. Of course you can ignore me all together and just go for it…… but just bare in mind, your personality traits………

Happy hair changing and see you next month. X


14th June 2019

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier Hair: Neil Moodie

Ph: Patrick Demarchelier Hair: Neil Moodie

Fine hair is always an issue for people who have it. I’m constantly being asked, how to cope with it, what to do with it, what haircut to have when you have it.

In this post I’m giving out my recommendations of care, products and styles to help with this issue. I hope there’s some solutions here for you one way or another. Of course, DM me if you have any more questions.


A lot of them contain vitamins and minerals so they can help with the result when you’re styling it. Apply this all the way through your hair rather than just spritzing over the top or front of your hair.

These can also be known as Primers Some of my recommendations are:

Biolage Blowdry Glotion: A heat primer that lets you shape and reshape hair with a 450 degree thermal protection for fast, healthy-looking and frizz controlled blowouts

Wella Elements Conditioning Leave In Spray: A dual-phase spray that cares and protects hair from day to day stress and gives a gentle hold. 

Shu Uemura Wonder Worker : Smoothes, detangles, softens and fights frizz

Kevin Murphy Untangled: enriched with Australian fruit extracts

Childs Farm Hair Detangler for kids: contains grapefruit and tea tree oil infused formula which even helps keep head lice at bay.

VO5 Express Primer Spray ( great if you’re on a budget): with built-in 230 degree heat protection

Ph Credit: GHD

Ph Credit: GHD


Rake combs or wide tooth combs are good for fine hair because a finer comb will potentially not only damage your hair and make it break off but it will also remove the texture your hair does have and flatten it. After shampooing finer hair can tend to tangle more easily. Remember when your hair is wet it becomes more elasticated making it weaker and more fragile. Water breaks down the natural hydrogen bonds in our hair and they reform again when the hair dries off.

Always brush your hair through before shampooing and it’s imperative to comb it through when you have conditioner in it. When combing always start at the ends and work your way up to the roots NOT the other way round. If you start at the roots you will basically bring all the tangles together to a point and then it will be harder to get them out.

The GHD Carbon Anti Static Detangling comb is good and also the Tangle Teaser is an excellent product too. They now also do a wet detangler.


After shampooing your hair try to just squeeze your hair with a towel instead of rubbing and matting your hair into a tangled mess. I know wrapping your hair into a head wrap is fun and looks great, but it’s actually not really good for your hair as it’s just basically tangling it up even more. This is actually a general rule for all hair types but extremely relevant for fine hair.


Ph: Neil Moodie

Ph: Neil Moodie

I always recommend to brush longer hair everyday to loosen any stray strands. We lose on average about 120 hairs a day to make way for new ones. People with longer hair tend to always say to me

“ my hair falls out a lot” but most of the time it’s because when it’s longer you can see the hairs more than when they are shorter. Also if you get the hair out of your plug after a shower or bath you’ll notice that long hair looks dense, but if actually unravel it ( which I know most of you wouldn’t do…) it’s a lot less hair than you think.

A good hairbrush can also stimulate the scalp thus helping to encourage new hair growth. I still think the best on the market is a Mason and Pearson brush. There are many similar ones, but if you try a Mason brush you won’t look back. They cost more money initially but they are super durable and last forever, unless your friend steals it from you LOLz.


Concentrate especially on the root area, as this is where hair tends to go flat. Section the top of your hair and spray throughout from the root downwards. It’s a bit like scaffolding for the hair, so it gives your hair extra support and holds the volume.

There are so many thickening products on the market If your hair is finer I would suggest something a little stronger in hold, but make sure it’s not too sticky. If there’s a sample in the shop then put a little on your fingers and let the product dry off. See how sticky it feels as it drys and once it’s actually dry. If it feels like glue then it’s probably not for you

L’oreal Professionnel Tecni.Art Pli is a fantastic product for giving volume and hold. It’s a heat-activated Spray that gives shape, and memory to the hair. I like it because you can layer it if you need more.

Ph Credit: @Burberry Hair by Neil Moodie

Ph Credit: @Burberry Hair by Neil Moodie


By using a diffuser on the hair dryer you can speed up the process of naturally drying the hair, to retain natural waves. Lift your hair from the root using the fingers to add more lift.

If you cannot find a regular diffuser to fit your hair then you can get what’s known as a sock diffuser.

Hot sock is a popular brand although there are now quite a few on the market to buy from either Sally Beauty, Amazon or eBay.


You have to be careful when layering fine hair as it can actually make the hair looker thinner and mire see through if the layering is done incorrectly. On longer hair I suggest long layers which allows you to keep the length but helps to lift the hair at the roots a little as the weight of it is lighter and gravity doesn’t pull it down as much.

Screenshot 2019-06-16 at 11.18.40.png


If you like to keep your hair shorter then I suggest to keep the top of the hair heavier and a little longer which will create the illusion of thickness and then shorten the sides and the back. The shorter sides and back will support the longer length on top. Again, don’t cut the layers too short on the top as the will look more see through thus making it instantly look thicker.


Using a large curling iron is a good way to add more waves to your hair. Always spray your hair with a heat protectant hairspray before using any kind of heat tool and ideally if you can spray each section of hair you wave individually then even better. Follow your hair’s natural waves to define them. Alternate the direction of the waves for a more natural look. You can check out the youtube video I made for Make Up artist Wendy Rowe’s channel where I show you how to create more volume with waves.

Gently brush through the waves to give a more natural, undone finish.

This gives a really nice natural look, but it’s quite a polished natural. It’s similar to looks I’ve created recently on Gemma Chan. Your hair will feel and look shinier, healthier, and smoother without being flat.

Image Credit: @invisibobble

Image Credit: @invisibobble


If you’re one of those long haired people who like to tie your hair up, then for fine hair I suggest to not tie your hair too tight or with an extremely thin elastic.

A softer tie is better, a fabric scrunchie or Invisibobbles are great. Even a silk scarf is great too. These also make your hair look far more pretty in the long run, than just a regular old elastic hair tie which can easily damage your hair and make it break.


When asleep our head rubs against the pillow (obviously!) and as a result, the hair tangles pretty easily, for finer hair this can be even worse. You’ll hear me say this a lot - try buying a silk pillow… Your hair will be happy and also it actually feels great and silly and soft to sleep on. if a silk pillow is too expensive then just try to invest in the softest cotton you can find. Polished cotton, or sateen cotton pillows are better than regular cotton.


I’m a great believer in supplements and I know that a healthy diet can really help with hair health too, but sometimes we just don’t get enough.

Healthy hair generally needs iron, folic acid, and zinc to keep growing thick and strong. Omega 3 and Omega-6 fatty acids help with healthy hair growth too and are called essential fatty acids, because they can’t be produced by the human body.

Omega-6 is important for general skin care health, which might in turn benefit the scalp. Omega 3 and 6 can normally be found in fish although you can get supplements if you’re not a big fish eater.


Another great supplement which I’ve been taking for years is Viviscal. It contains Biotin, Zinc and AminoMar C ( an ingredient unique to Viviscal)  to help maintain healthy hair. They also have shampoos and conditioners etc. Rather than me explain it all here, I suggest to go and check out their website by clicking HERE

I hope that’s all helped and as I mentioned before if you have anymore questions then please don’t hesitate to DM me


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7th June 2019

Click HERE to view the video

Over my 35 years as a hairstylist I've been asked many times by journalists and clients to share my insider tips from shoots or fashion shows with them.

In this episode I invited my friend, top hairstylist Earl Simms to join me, to share some of his tips too so it's a double whammy of tips from me the fashion hairstylist and Earl, the red carpet hairstylist.

Enjoy the tips and I hope they’re useful.

Follow Earl Simms on Instagram here:

All products featured in this video can be found by clicking the links below the video.

Products Used:

GHD Hairdryers:

GHD Curling TONGS:

GHD Platinum Plus Styler:

Babyliss Pro Curling Iron:

Babyliss Pro ItaliaBRAVA Dryer:

L'oreal Pro Paris Infinium Hairspray :

L'oreal Tecni Art Savage Panache Powder Spray:

Metal Duck Clips:

Earl and I in action

Earl and I in action



25th May 2019

Hello Horoscopions…. Is that even a word? LOL

So this month I’m looking at the star sign of Gemini. May 21st to June 21st

Represented by the twins symbol of Castor and Pollux (known as the Dioscuri) Geminis are suppose to be intelligent, passionate, expert communicators, dynamic, outgoing and adaptable as they known to have 2 different sides top them. They can also be indecisive, unreliable, impulsive and inquisitive which can make them appear nosy.

They never get bored and have a “glass is half full” approach to life.

Geminis love life and are pretty sexual ( apparently ) plus they like to fall in love, but they need change and excitement. they don’t like to get stick in a rut, which came make them difficult to date ( especially Gemini men). They can fall out of love just as quickly as they fell in love. They’re not the most emotional of signs when it comes to love so they can easily move on.

Due to Geminis being dynamic, outgoing and impulsive I suggest when it comes to their hair that they keep their eye on all the latest hair and beauty trends and keep moving with the times.

One of the best places to check this out, and make sure you’re a gemini who is ahead of the game when it comes to hair trends, is Every Feb/March and Sept Oct you will be able to see all the latest fashion shows which already look at the season ahead, so 6 months in advance.

That way you can impulsively change your hair and make sure your hair is as dynamic as it possibly can be. Don’t be afraid to change and move on from your current style.

Talking of which, if you’re one of those gemini’s who likes to keep their finger on the zeitgeist, then the most popular hairstyles from the Autumn/Winter 2019 shows are as follows.

Ph L-R: Karen Collins, Jem Mitchell, Jem Mitchell

Ph L-R: Karen Collins, Jem Mitchell, Jem Mitchell

Bold Braids as seen at Prada, Paco Rabanne Issey MIyake, Max Mara.

Slick Hair as seen at Proenza Schouler, Helmut Lang, Alexa Chung, Molly Goddard, Salvatore Ferragamo and Roberto Cavalli, Haider Ackerman, Rochas

Pastel Hair colours

Screenshot 2019-04-11 at 18.22.png

Bold Hairbands as seen at Simone Rocha, Balmain and Jeremy Scott

So come on Geminis. Its time for a change…………..


H for Hightlights .png

24th May 2019

Highlighting hair has probably been one of the most popular forms of  hair colouring for quite a few years now.  

It's recently had some competition from many other colouring techniques for the top spot. 

I discuss with my guest, top hair colourist Shari Reynolds, the latest news about highlighting and also new techniques that are coming through, keeping this traditional colouring technique fresh and vying for the top spot again on the colouring charts.  

Click on the video link below to find out more.

Shari and I

Shari and I


Stewart & Me

Stewart & Me

20th May 2019

My latest episode of my podcast series “In Bed With Neil Moodie is now live, and my guest is hairdresser and founder of the award winning charity Haircuts 4 Homeless

Stewart is a born and raised Essex geyser, who began hairdressing in 1978 after falling for a girl who worked in a local salon. 

Luckily he fell in love with hairdressing too and he went on to open his own salon 10 years later. 

Stewart came to visit me in London where we talked about  him being 13 years sober from alcohol,  setting up The Sober Living Action Group in 2013, a programme with holistic treatments for alcoholics,  and also in Nov 2014 creating the award winning Haircuts for Homeless.  He also discusses the struggles homeless people go through and about his new haircutting training scheme for the homeless to join and help give them a career and hopefully a new start in life. 

To donate or check out Haircuts for Homelesss go to with the word four like the actual number 4, you can also check out the Sober Living Action Group on facebook. 

Stewart & Neil .jpg



May 17th 2019

Grey hair can be a taboo subject for both men and women. 

Click HERE to see the video or see below.

I'm joined by my a special guest again, hair colourist extraordinaire Shari Reynolds to discuss how to deal with it, how to get around it,  how to disguise it plus how to embrace it. 

You can be grey and be fabulous!!!

Me & Shari

Me & Shari


Ph: John Akehurst for Vogue Japan

Ph: John Akehurst for Vogue Japan

crop 1a .png


An Oval Face: Known as an oval or a diamond shaped face, this is normally a rounded jawline, and a wider forehead with accentuated cheek bones. Think Kate Moss shape.

If you have this face shape then you are super lucky as you can pull off any fringe cut going. This is considered one of the most versatile face shapes So my recommendations would be to have whatever you feel suits you, your style and dress sense.

Oval Face Celebrities: Julianne Moore, Kate Middleton, Jessica Alba, Oprah Winfrey, Carey Mulligan.

Ph: Jem Mitchell for Turkish Vogue

Ph: Jem Mitchell for Turkish Vogue

8TH MAY 2019


What’s fashionable and what isn’t is difficult to say these days as fashion and beauty moves so fast and trends tend not to last that long anymore.

So, rather than me telling you what’s hot and what’s not, I decided it’s better to let you know what suits what face and then you can decide.

I’ve always loved a rock and roll fringe personally, sitting below the eyebrows, almost hiding behind it with a bit of texture to it, but I know that’s not for everybody so I won’t be selfish here!

Let’s take a look at what you might have and we’ll go from there………

There are 5 main face shapes to look at: Round face, Oval face, Square face, Long Face and Heart shaped.
See which one is you from the images below:

crop 2.png
Ph: Jem Mitchell for Vogue China

Ph: Jem Mitchell for Vogue China

A Square Face: Square faces are of equal width and height, and a have a defined square jawline. The most obvious choice of fringe cut here is the side fringe. Basically, one that is cut to wear over to the side. Cutting them from mid-eyebrow to just below the eyebrow or even a little lower is ideal and you should push them to either side, ( whichever you prefer) or even part them down the middle. Either way, don’t cut them too short. otherwise they will accentuate the squareness. You want to try and soften out the squareness so anything that cuts into the face shape a little will automatically soften it down and reduce sharpness.

Celebrities with Square faces: Rihanna, Lucy Liu, Kristin Wiig, Keira Knightley, Kate Hudson’s

A Heart-Shaped Face: This face shape has a wider forehead, a pointed jaw and a small chin. A long layered fringe that is sweeping across to the side from a centre parting is ideal for drawing attention to your eyes and the middle of your face. Heart shaped faces tend to have strong cheekbones so accentuating those is imperative as it takes away the focus from your more pointed chin. I suggest to cut the fringe from the eyebrow to the top of the cheekbone

Hally Berry, Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson Reese Witherspoon,

A Round Face:  A rounder face identifies as fuller with wider cheeks. A shorter, layered fringe is a great way to give the illusion of more length in the face. This is also sometimes known as a micro fringe. My recommendation would be not to go too wide with the width of the fringe as it can accentuate the roundness, but this type of fringe is a great way to show off your eyes. The rest of the length of your hair will keep the face looking a little narrower and not so round.

Another option is the heavier side-swept fringe, cut at a strong angle and a little softer around the edges. This cuts into the round face a little again giving the illusions of it being less round, and adding some depth to the face.

Round face celebrities: Cameron Diaz, Michelle Williams, Queen Latifah, Drew Barrymore, Gemma Chan, Miranda Kerr, Penelope Cruz.

A Long Face and/or High Forehead: With this face shape the forehead, cheeks and jawline are all about the same width. Ideally a a chunkier, fuller, longer fringe helps to give the illusion of a smaller face. Try a longer fringe that gets longer at the sides. If committing to a heavy block fringe seems too much for you then break the fringe up slightly by not having so much hair cut into the fringe, but still keeping the length of it longer to achieve a similar look. .

NB: Also keep the length of the rest of your hair a little shorter. The longer your hair generally is the more your face will elongate.

Celebrities with long faces: Liv Tyler, Nicole Kidman, Iman, Meryl Streep

So I hope that helps you all in choosing the right fringe/bangs for you. Of course, always ask your stylist for their recommendations too, and if you want to see what you look like with a fringe there are temporary options available like clip-in fringes or even try on a wig. I suggest to try on something close to your own colour as it will be more realistic. It’s fun if nothing else.

Happy fringing.


F for Frizz .jpg

7TH MAY 2019

This weeks “Alphabet of Hair” is a very popular one.

How to combat Frizz!!

So many people have to deal with Frizz.  Men, Women, Children and Me. 

What is frizz? Well that depends on your hair type. 

The three main causes of frizz are genetics, hair damage, and humidity.  In this video I deal with the causes,  the remedies,  plus give you some great product recommendations to help counteract the frizz and hopefully help you to  have a frizz-less day. 


BIOLAGE SmoothProof Deep Treatment Pack Hair Mask for Frizzy Hair :

BIOLAGE Smoothproof Shampoo :

Redken Frizz Dismiss Rebel Tame Smoothing Cream :

Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Oil-In-Cream :

DevaCurl DevaTowel Anti-Frizz Microfiber Towel :

Ouai Anti-Frizz Hair Sheets :

Living Proof No-Frizz Instant De-Frizzer :

Kérastase Discipline Anti Frizz Smoothing Spray :

Biolage RAW Frizz Control Styling Spray:


Wella SP Balance Scalp Shampoo:

Le Labo Shampoo :

Evolve Superfood Shine Shampoo :

Kiehl's Olive Fruit Oil Nourishing Shampoo :

Kérastase Bain Oléo-Relax :

F Frizz Blonde .jpg


Dizziak Hydrating Wash & conditioner :


Garnier Fructis Smoothing 1 Minute Avocado Hair Mask :

John Frieda Frizz Ease Extra Strength Effects Serum:

Schwarzkopf Gliss Oil Nutritive Weightless Oil :


Ph: Alexi Lubomirski

Ph: Alexi Lubomirski

How Often?  So I believe everyday isn’t a bad thing but it really depends on what product you’re using and your hair type. 

Shampoo helps water remove dirt, debris, and odours. Most shampoos are designed to strip excess oil, which helps the hair look cleaner for longer. Shampoo cleans the hair with chemicals called surfactants ( short for surface-active-agents) that are soaps used to clean the surface debris off hair. 

The most popular surfactants used are know as Anionic Surfactants, which carry a negative charge in water.  They provide a lot of the lather and detergent in the shampoo. These are broken down into what are known as sulphates ie: sodium laureth sulphate, sodium lauryl sulphate and other sulphates. NB “sulphates” can often be spelt “sulfates”

 Should your hair be very oily/greasy, which is generally, people with very fine or straight hair I suggest to wash daily with a sulphate based shampoo, which can help make your hair easier to manage in between shampoos. If you have a very oily scalp this can progress into acne along the hairline, meaning you might need to wash your hair more often to keep it looking clean. 

 I would suggest that anybody with super dry hair doesn’t necessarily need to wash it daily. Washing less often preserves the natural oils produced by the scalp, keeping hair more nourished. 

I’d advise to use a low sulphate or no sulphate shampoo. 

As i mentioned earlier sulphates ( surfactants) are what give you the lovely lather and can help get rid of product build up in hair. The problem being with these is that they can be pretty harsh on your actual hair as they’re known for drying hair out. They can cause irritation to your scalp.  There are links to cancer with sulphates too but with no real proof as of yet. 

Sulphates have been used for years in shampoos and a lot of product companies have now gone down the “no sulphate” route as an option for customers, which are definitely milder and are thought to cause less irritation, for people but this means less lather. 

Sulphate-free shampoo is a good idea for anyone who has severely damaged hair

Generally if you buy a cheaper generic brand from the chemist, then it’s quite likely to contain a lot of sulphates. Sulphates are what are known as cleansing agents. You can find these in varying quantities in shampoo, washing up liquid, floor cleaners etc., anything that cleans basically.  

 Whichever way you shampoo your hair, I always remind people to give their scalp a good massage too. Many people forget to do this as they’re concentrating only on their hair. 

Remember, your scalp is skin also but just with hair all over it, unless you’re bald or suffering from alopecia.  It sweats, sheds dead skin cells and gives off sebum oil, so it reacts the same way as skin does. 

If you use a harsh skin products then your face and/or body can feel dry and irritated, well it’s the same with the scalp.   Dry scalps also tend not to produce as much sebum. Washing your hair frequently can prevent itching and flaking, and help keep the scalp healthier, in turn helping to keep the hair soft and shiny too.

If you’re suffering from dandruff or seborrhoeic eczema. Look for products with witch hazel or camphor in them to help the scalp. 

I also suggest massaging olive oil onto a dry scalp at night and leaving it overnight, then shampooing it out in the morning.

 Which ever way you shampoo, always try to rinse your hair and scalp with cold water too at the end. This helps to closes the pores on the scalp and flattens the cuticles on hair. A smoother flatter cuticle reflects light, making your hair appear shinier. (now that’s always a good thing) 1st

NB: In between washes you can always rinse your hair just with water too as a mild way of cleansing. 

I’m not going to recommend any particular shampoos etc. on this occasion, as there’s too many to list for this kind of article. Just try and find the right one for you, and remember the cheaper it is, the more likely it will contain chemicals that aren’t so great for your hair.  

 And what about the No Poo method? For anybody who hasn’t heard of this it involves switching your shampoo out just regular water and/or various natural products such as apple cider vinegar or baking soda. 

The official No Poo website states traditional shampoo contains chemicals that strip your hair of it’s natural oils. 

Some dermatologists say No Poo is pretty low risk, but others have said that there are some risks linked with replacing shampoo with other ingredients and they suggest to dilute the most popular ones, baking soda and apple cider vinegar with water, especially with baking soda’s PH level being around 9 which isn’t good for the cuticle, in turn making the hair quite brittle, especially on chemically treated hair. 

Apple cider vinegar has a much lower pH (between 3.1 to five) and is regarded as more ideal by NO Poo supporters as it's closer to your scalp's natural pH level. If the vinegar isn't mixed with the right amount water, it can also cause irritation.

So what do you do Neil I hear you cry? I naturally have very curly, dry hair and I find if I don’t shampoo it everyday then my hair and scalp behave better. When I’ve shampooed it everyday I’ve found my hair doesn’t behave as well. 

I can get a dry scalp and occasionally suffer from psoriasis and I take a shower everyday and whilst I don’t shampoo my hair everyday, I do rinse it with water thoroughly and I also rinse with cold water afterwards.  The cold water is very soothing for the irritated scalp. 

When my scalp is severely irritated I will shampoo with a mild, low-sulphate shampoo. 

I hope all that helps. 

 NB: If any scalp conditions worsen or hair becomes very brittle and unmanageable then I suggest to go and see a reputable trichologist. 

 Phillip Kingsley is a great trichology company and they have offices in London and New York. 

There’s a great article written last year about for Dermatology News No sulphates, no parabens, No poo etc. if you fancy a read, CLICK HERE


2nd May 2019



 I’m always being asked about shampooing and there are so many different theories out there.  

I always get asked the following: Should I shampoo my hair at all? is No poo better?, is no sulphates better?, are lo –sulphates better?, is washing my hair everyday bad for it?   

Ok, so here’s the advice I try to give out when it comes to shampooing. 

The hardest things to do as a hairdresser is tell somebody how to shampoo their hair. 

The majority of people love to pile on the product to get a soapy lather like the old hair ads, and then they pile on a load of conditioner especially if their hair is really dry, don’t leave it on long enough or too long, then rinse it off and hey presto, they’re done! But is this the best way??   

Here’s my advice based on what I know.  None of the following info is incorrect, but it’s important to remember that what is good for you is different for every person and their hair.  

Ph: Corinne Day

Ph: Corinne Day

Ph: Alexi Lubomirski

Ph: Alexi Lubomirski



1st May 2019

The wonderful Marian Newman is one of only a few manicurists that are now celebrated in the world of fashion. 

I first started meeting manicurists on shoots when I was in NYC in the late 90’s, the likes of the wonderful Sheryl Bailey, Bernadette Thompson and Jin Soon  

They were not so well known back then to the general public, but slowly over time they’ve become known as the industry greats and when I came back to London in the early 2000’s I met Marian on a shoot, which was the first time I’d ever met a manicurist on shoot in the UK.

Marian is now the leading manicurist in the UK and quite possibly the world, and with 6 text books in total to her name already in circulation this new one just adds to her long list.

This one however is different as it’s based on her seeing career in the fashion world. The book is a great size too ( big enough to be a coffee table book but small enough to go in your handbag.

It’s not only got great images in it from Marian’s career taken by some of the worlds top fashion photographers, but there’s also some great anecdotes from her about the different shoots.

The book retails at £25.00/$29.99 and is available at Amazon UK / Amazon US and all leading book stores.



Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 17.36.57.jpg

April 29th 2019

Mental Health Awareness

As some of you may know, last year I did a podcast interview for Man Talk Podcast, with the host Jamie Day.

The premise of Jamie’s series was/is to raise awareness of mens mental health, and to normalise the conversation as much as possible, in a world where there’s still so much stigma attached to it.

Jamie interviewed 12 men, including myself, from all different walks of life to discuss the mental health issues they’ve been through, how they managed it and what are their coping mechanisms.

The series was very popular and I do believe there’s a second series about to start soon.

Cut to this year, and I’ve done another interview for the podcast series Healthy Matters, with its host Scott Laidler. Scott is a a PT and also a journalist for the Telegraph and The Huffington post.

Anyway, watch this little video I made, and you’ll learn more about what I was discussing with Scott and there’ll be links to both podcasts too.

Remember, sharing can save lives.

For Healthy Matters Podcast with Scott Laidler click HERE

For Man Talk Podcast with Jamie Day click HERE



24th April 2019

BACK IN 2013, SUPERMODEL/ACTRESS CARA DELEVINGNE AND HER BEST FRIEND, TOP MODEL GEORGIA MAY JAGGER were in my former salon getting their hair done, and whilst I’d gone in to cut Cara’s hair, I also took the opportunity to record a double Q&A with them both for my then blog called “It’s a Moodie Blog” .

They were super happy to do the Q&A so I after recording all their answers I had them transcripted.

It was fun moment in time and they gave some fun answers to boot, plus we recorded a funny kind of make shift publicity video for the Q&A in the back of my car whilst I dropped them home.

Use the link below to go the full Q&A and see the funny promotional video too.