ARCHIVE Q&A from OCTOBER 2013.  

With my previous Q&A’s most of them were written, but the occasional one I would film on video.

I didn’t have a good a filming equipment that I have now so the quality is a little lo-fi in comparison but you can still here the interview none the less.

One the rare ones I filmed is with my dear friend Tara St Hill. Tara was one of photographer Corinne Day’s Muses, who featured a lot in Corinne’s first book titled Diary and appeared on the cover.

Tara is now a fully established clothes stylist working for many independent magazines in London and Paris including 10, 10 men, RIka, SSaw Magazine and ReEdition.

Here’s an interview I recorded with Tara back in October 2013.


Thursday 17th October 2013

Today I celebrate the opening of a new exhibition at Gimpel Fils Gallery in London from the prolific photographer, the late Corinne Day ( who sadly died in 2010). The exhibition accompanies the launch of Corinne's new book "May The Circle Remain Unbroken" published by Morel Books, which features many unseen images of the people she photographed regularly from 1987-1996.

I, ( Neil Moodie- close friend of Day's) interview the friend and regular subject/muse of Corinne's Tara St Hill, to get an insight into their friendship and work relationship.

Tara is a fashion clothes stylist and mother who Corinne often collaborated with.