With these videos I’m covering a different hair subject for each letter, passing on my knowledge, giving tips, advice and breaking down myths about certain topics. 1 episode/letter will be released each Friday morning at 10am.

The latest episodes will be added as they go live on Youtube, and will always be at the top of this page, so scroll down to look for and view the previous letters.

We’re currently on letter F For Frizz,

so let's get to it………


Neil Moodie's Alphabet of Hair: F is for Frizz

So many people have to deal with Frizz.  Men, Women, Children and Me. 

The three main causes of frizz are genetics, hair damage, and humidity.  In this video I deal with the causes,  the remedies,  plus give you some great product recommendations to help counteract the frizz and hopefully help you to  have a frizz-less day. now

Released 24th April 2019

Neil Moodie’s Alphabet of Hair: E is for Extensions.

 In this episode I’m taking a look at hair extensions with my special guest, hairstylist and dear friend Earl Simms. Earl and I use extension within our work, and here we discuss what different types are available, which ones we recommend and discuss if they’re even that popular anymore.

RELEASED 17/4/19

Neil Moodie’s Alphabet of Hair: D is for Dry, Damaged Hair

 What causes dry hair?  Well, many different factors can cause dry or severely dry hair and scalp. Find out what the different reasons are and what I recommend to counteract this problem plus help your hair get to a healthier place again.

RELEASED 10/4/19

Neil Moodie's Alphabet of Hair: C is for Curly Hair

Having naturally curly hair myself I’ve spent years studying and undertstanding how to manage it. Now I’m passing on as much of that knowledge as possible to you, plus letting you know what products I recommend to tame and control it.


Neil Moodie's Alphabet of Hair with guest colourist Shari Reynolds: B is for Balayage

This episode features guest colourist, the amazing Shari Reynolds. We’re breaking down the meaning of Balayage, what to ask for, and talking about the latest balayage techniques

1st Episode released 3/4/19

So let’s begin with A for Accessories

Get my advice on the latest hair accessories for SS19 , where to buy them and how to wear them, from high end luxury to the high street