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Drew Barrymore for Jane Magazine.

Jane was an American magazine created to appeal to women who grew up reading Sassy Magazine. Sassy was created by Jane Pratt in 1987 and was intended to appeal to adolescent girls, but because of its sexual candour and coverage of topics other teen magazines didn’t touch, such as the riot grrrrl  movement, its popularity exploded beyond its intended audience. When Sassy ended its New York editorial run in 1994, readers were left heartbroken and waiting for something to take its place.  Jane Pratt was the founding editor of Sassy and Jane. Its original target audience (pitched to advertisers) was aged 18–34, and was designed to appeal to women who did not like the typical women’s magazine format. Jane originally intended the magazine to be named Betty, but she was voted down by everyone else involved in the making of the magazine.

In September 1997, Jane Pratt’s new magazine, Jane, published by Disney owned Fairchild Publications, it hit the stands with Drew Barrymore as its maiden cover girl. (Fairchild Publications has since merged with Conde Nast Publications.)

Drew Collage 1

On 25 July 2005, Pratt announced that she was resigning from her position as editor in chief of Jane and would be leaving the company on 30 September 2005, exactly eight years after the magazine’s debut. Insiders speculated that Pratt wanted a change in her life after she lost the twins (a son & daughter) she had been carrying at 5 months. Following her resignation and replacement, by August 2007 the magazine was no longer.

I was fortunate enough to work on the first ever cover shoot for Jane. I was living in New York at the time and we were all booked to fly to LA to shoot the lovely Drew for the cover and inside. Carter Smith was the photographer.

Drew Collage 2

It was touch and go if I was going to do the shoot or not. Even when I arrived in LA, there was news from Drew Barrymore’s people that I may still be cancelled due to their concern that Drew didn’t know me. As it turned out, I stayed, thanks to Carter the photogrpaher convincing them I was good enough to do the job and that they wouldn’t be disappointed.  I ended up getting on with Drew like a house on fire, sharing the same tastes in music and film. She was so sweet, that she even sent flowers to my agency for me on my return to New York to thank me for doing such a great job and helping make her day more fun.

From that day on, I became one of Drew’s biggest fans ( I was part of the way there already) And so here is the shoot in its entirety, with a few extra shots that didn’t get published..  I hope you enjoy sharing the pics with me.



Photographer: Carter Smith

Fashion Editor: Monica Dolfini

Make-Up: Carol Shaw

Hair: Neil Moodie


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