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Hello Monday People!

It’s that day again… where we don’t want to get up and go to work..

Well todays Comedy Moday should keep you tittering for a while. It stars Dave Allen. Dave (6 July 1936 – 10 March 2005), was an Irish observational comedian and satirist whose career began in Australia in  the early 60s after he moved there to further his career.

At the height of his career he was Britain’s most controversial comedian, regularly provoking indignation at his frequent highlighting of political hypocrisy and his disregard for religious authority.

His act was typified by a relaxed and intimate style. He sat on a high stool smoking and occasionally sipping from a glass of what he always allowed people to assume was whiskey,  but in fact was ginger ale with ice. He was actually a sober-minded man who, though sometimes appeared crotchety and irritable on stage, he always gave off an air of charm and serene melancholy both in his act and in real life. Each day, he pored over newspapers, scribbling notes and ideas for his routines.

Along with his seated stand-up  routines, his television shows were interspersed with filmed sketch comedy.

Todays clip is Dave doing his typical observational comedy and he;s talking about going into a modern post office. This clip is actually from the 90’s but is still relevant today, thats what makes it so brilliant.


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