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Catherine Tate as herself


I’ve always been a huge fan of actress/comedienne Catherine Tate. The other day, myself and a friend of mine were talking about how great she was and we miss her show, The Catherine Tate show. We were talking about various sketches that she did and characters she created and my friend was saying how he used to love Margaret,  frightened woman.

We went onto youtube to get up the videos and we found this compilation of  the character Margaret.  We laughed for hours as we watched this compilation. The thing that made me laugh the most was how she’d geniusly created the character around phrases that people say in everyday life.  When I was young and still living at home, my mother would constantly say “Its like Piccadilly Circus here”  when we were somewhere busy or noisy, which Catherine quotes in the very first sketch. Catherine always amazed me with her observations of people and their sayings, and so here is the compilation of her “frightened woman” character. I hope it makes you laugh and cheers up your Monday as much as it made myself and friend laugh the other week.

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