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It’s fashion week in London right now and in typical media fashion they’ve brought up the boring age old story about Size zero models. It drives me nuts because it’s such lazy journalism on all levels because

a) size zero is a media created word, it doesn’t actually exist – Size Zero would mean “no size at all”, kind of like air or something.


b) can they not think of anything else to say about fashion week???? Anorexia exists all year around not just when fashion weeks are on and its such lazy journalism to bring it up again around this time ’cause its an easy target.

Come on journalists, news shows, etc, surely you can stick your neck out a bit and think of something else to say at this time of year and then lets talk about and address anorexia all year round instead as it is a big issue, that is not just caused by fashion week and models.

So to celebrate all sizes of models, people and the universe here;’s a great song from the 70’s called “Fatty Bum Bum” by Carl Malcolm. Celebrating the bigger bum.

Due to the age of the song,  there’s no official video for it but here’s a Youtube link to the track at least.

The song was was released in September 1975 . This was picked up for release by independent label UK Records after Dave Cash started to play it on his Capital Radio programme, and it quickly got to number 2 on the station’s ‘Hitline’ listeners’ chart. It eventually reached number 8 on the UK Singles Charts and remained in the charts  for eight weeks.

Have a bop and a boogie and please have fun……..


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