Its school photo time and it was also my birthday…

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Its school photo time and it was also my birthday….  ♫ yo, yo, its my birthday, go party like it’s my  birthday ♫, ………  and my birthday present that year was a Kodak 110 cartridge, pocket Camera- remember those?  Well there it is in its full glory in my hand on my 15th birthday ( about 4 years ago… LOL ) I seem to remember it being my first ever camera.

So here I am in my school uniform, and I’d realised I actually had naturally curly hair, that I wasn’t aware of before ( see previous “My Story So Far” ) Its 1982 and the New Romantic, New Wave movement was in full swing. I distinctly remember at this stage, I was trying to grow my hair longer to get it into a wedge ( think Phil Oakey, Human League).

Photobucket Photobucket

The Lovely Phil Oakey with his asymmetric wedge haircuts.

This was proving to be quite difficult though due to me having to grow my hair twice as long as I needed in order for it to be the right length ( with absolutely no thanks to my curls). I’d also stopped going to the barbers with my Dad, and begun to go to a proper hair salon in order to get a haircut that I wanted instead of the standard short back and sides. My other battle was how to get my natural spiral curls straight! A new product called gel was suddenly available for sale in Boots, called Country Born. It was in a glass pot and the gel was green in colour ( I’ve desperately searched for a picture of this online but to no avail). I slathered my hair in this gel, going through numerous pots in a month, and would stretch my hair as straight as possible, or should I say burnt it straight. Unfortunately, humidity and rain were my worst enemies and the slightest drop of moisture would start to revert my hair back to its former state.

Anyway, as you can see,  I hadn’t completely won the battle of getting longer hair, nor perfected the art of straightening out my curls but i had mastered the growing of what was affectionately known as the “bum fluff” on my top lip.

Oh how we loved the 80’s !!!!

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