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For today’s post/review, Alison’s heading to Japan!

The land of kawaii, delicious food and amazing beauty products. I think we’ll be spending some time here so sit back, get comfy, we’re kicking off this trip with a review of LuLuLun sheet masks!

I’ve been obsessed with sheet masks for some time. Perfect for pampering, slapping one on is the only time that I feel like I truly have “me” time that isn’t in front of a screen (TV/phone/computer) or done half-heartedly (there’s no multitasking to be done with one of these babies on your face. I’ve tried.) So in a Googling craze, which happens when I become obsessed with something very quickly, I found some great reviews about LuLuLun sheet masks. People loved them, the packaging was cute (I’m easily pleased) and best of all, they were cheap! When my mum told me she was going to Japan in late 2016, I asked her to pick me up a box in white for the brightening effect (my go-to “flavour”).

Sunglasses = bright = brightening effect (translation, all my own)


Let me tell you now, dear readers: it did not start well. Firstly, I opened the box wrong. I know what you’re thinking, “how can you OPEN A BOX wrong?!” Well, it happens months after you first started Googling the product. See, by then, you’ve forgotten everything and when your mum asks if she can have some masks too, you go ahead and try and open the packet like you would a pack of crisps. And there’s some kind of outer-packaging that stops you from realising that there’s an resealable flap at the top. So you’re opening this sheet mask box like a pack of crisps and then you’re confused because you feel essence seeping out onto your fingers. You peer in. And you see: a plastic tray filled with neatly packed sheet masks. And then you remember: it’s a daily sheet mask pack and they are all stacked together, not individually sealed like you had thought. FAIL.


All my embarrasing fails aside (bet you’ll remember not to do that now, right?), I was looking forward to trying these masks. There’s 32 sheet masks in a box, and you can also purchase a travel pack with a ziploc seal that comes with 7 masks that’s great for travelling. (Sidenote: did you know that sheet masks don’t count towards your liquids when going through security? All the more reason to stock up when flying!) As much as I love sheet masks, I tend to only use them once a week on average, sometimes more, often times less. I liked the idea of doing a mask daily so I saw this as a challenge.


Day One of the LuLuLun sheet mask challenge started off okay. I slapped it on, left it for 10 minutes and took it off. It was fine… a little bit of a sticky residue, which I wasn’t used to but nothing bad. The fit was on the small side – the holes are tiny and I say this as a person with small eyes! I have quite full lips so there wasn’t much wiggle room for them either. Essence-wise, it was, again, fine, but not as drenched as the individual packs of masks I’ve used before. This is probably due to having a whole stack of fabric masks and only a certain amount of essence to go round. Overall, an alright experience, nothing to write home about, but I was looking forward to hopefully seeing a bright complexion at the end of the box.

Even a nice filter can’t help this mask


I did well for 2-3 weeks. Then it all went downhill. Sheet masking, which was once such a treat was now a chore. I felt like I didn’t have the option to skip a night since I was afraid of 1) the sheet masks drying out and 2) the longer I left them, the more bacteria would have a chance to get on them (should note that this is not actual science but the science in my head). Towards the end of the box I dreaded sheet masking. While no one forced me to continue, I detest waste so I felt like I had to and it wasn’t as if my skin was reacting badly to it so why not? Unfortunately, I don’t think this was worth it in the end. Although there was a bit of a glow, I’ve had better glows with less effort and time. It simply did not live up to the hype for me.


After: happy that it’s over



LuLuLun Sheet Mask Box in White (Fresh Clear/Brightening), £37, Amazon / £27.23 YesStyle, $25.99, BBCosmetic.


Rating: ♡♡ – Not a fan
Beautyland Rating:
♡♡♡♡♡ – Holy Grail
♡♡♡♡ – Repurchase
♡♡♡ – Alright
♡♡ – Not a fan
♡ – No, never again, nope

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