2013 December

Moods Comedy Boxing Day- starring 3 Non Blondes

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3 Non Blondes were actresses, Ninja Benjamin, Tameka Empson and Jocelyn Jee Esien who played various comical characters to the unsuspecting public on the street. These varied from one of my favourites, a fictional celebrity named Marcia Brown who would try to convince her street audience that……..

…….she was already famous and they knew her, to an African street, theatre group,  or fitness/bootcamp instructors training the public on the streets and also a young budding rapper who rapped her way through life, getting people to “check her lyrics”. 

The two sketches I’ve compiled for you here are from their Christmas Special that aired in 2003 featuring Marcia and Umbeyo, the street theatre group performing their Nativity scene. 

Tameka now stars in the UK BBC soap opera Eastenders, Jocelyn appears in various comedy shows including her own sketch show Little Miss Jocelyn and Ninja regularly appears on the comedy circuit. 

I hope you enjoy these favourite sketches of mine from that show.

In the words of Marcia Brown: “Always and Forever, For Christmas”  

Unwrapped phone calls make turkey

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Presents unwrapped, phone calls made, Turkey eaten, champagne drank, Now it’s WIG TIME and a singalong! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!! #slade #iwishitcouldbechristmas #xmasday #xmashair #pinkhair #wig #pinkwig #bighair #xmascheer #xmasnight #wigfun


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For those of you that haven’t seen him already I wanted to introduce to my friend from Brooklyn, New York, comedian/actor John Roberts who since 2011 has created the voice-over for the character Linda Belcher in the popular ‘Bobs Burgers’ show on Fox Channel in the US………

Currently living in Los Angeles, John became a viral Youtube sensation before “viral” was even a word used in conjunction with the internet, and has been posting his character based comedy sketches on Youtube since 2006.

The character of his Brooklyn mother became one of his most popular, ( currently over 4 million views for one of the videos) and I couldn’t resist but to let you see this one titled “The Christmas Tree” on this festive of festive days 

I hope you have fun watching it and you can watch more on John’s Youtube page.

While you’re having a look, check out John’s Christmas Tree Song Video and also one titled “That Smell”  starring none other then Debbie Harry of Blondie fame. Below I’ve also posted John’s “Last Year, This Year, Next Year”  video for New Year also starring Debbie Harry.

NB: We have another special Christmas comedy post tomorrow, then we’re taking a well earned break at Moodie Towers until the New Year!!! 


I’ve got it all going on

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Re-gram from @luciekay1 Ive got it all going on this Xmas! Peacoat, Bubbles, Blonde weave in the pocket, and Rude Boi box fresh white trainers! #bosh #nike #jcrew #weave #champagne #bubbles #xmaslook #xmas #airmax #airmax90