2013 September

Moods comedy Monday – Johnny Depp

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Its Monday and we all need cheering up. Today, its Johnny Depp’s turn to put a smile on our faces and what better way than teaming up with the boys from the iconic British comedy series, “The Fast Show”.

Johnny was a huge fan of the show and managed to sneak an appearance in, just as the team of comedians who used to write the show were about to call an end to its long run.

This particular sketch formed part of ‘The Last Fast Show Ever’, featuring two of Johnny’s favourite ever characters from the show, Ken and Kenneth.

Its all about buying a Suit…… Sir !!!! Need I say more?? 

Buster found in Battersea Park

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Buster found the @8elvisontour in Battersea Park this morning #hounddog #elvispresley #elvis #bikeriders #charity #battersea #batterseapark #youaintnothingbutahounddog #dogrun

Tom Kavanagh, my old friend

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ACCORDING TO SILVS: Tom Kavanagh is a London based photographer, he is also an old friend. I thought I would ask him a few questions.

When did you start to have a keen interest in photography?

I picked up my first camera when I was quite young, about 13. I got a snappy, shortly after that I got my first SLR. I started playing around with the different aspects of a camera, and understanding what those different things could do, and playing around with the dept of field, and understanding that you could actually manipulate what it is your photographing. But I didn’t really get the confidence in it until I started college at 16/17 and started to develop what my voice would be. And now I’m trying to assert what it is that I do differently to other people. 

What do you think your photos say about the people they feature? 

I try to my best to create an interesting juxtaposition of honesty and also tension. I always feel like there’s and old fashion thing of when you put an camera in front of someone they feel uncomfortable, but there’s this wonderful moment where they show themselves.

It’s tension, where they’re showing you themselves, but in a guarded manner. I always feel like that’s what happens when I take portraits, people do give something to you when you chat to them a bit, but I think it’s naive to think you’re capturing the real person, I think that’s bollocks. I’ve never liked that in photography, people are too complex to think you can do that. I like the fact that I’ve never captured the real person, but there’s always a hint of it. It’s always a performance, and it’s false to think it’s not. 

photo 2pixt_zps479dc6bb.jpg

Above: Two of Tom’s portraits from the ‘Experimental Circle Club‘ album

I think that you seem to control the person when you’re shooting them. You get each person to stand in a similar way, and manage to get them to always have a similar expression. Do you think that you did this on purpose from day one because that’s how you think your portraits look better, or did you realise after a while this was what you were doing, and decided to continue with it as a style?

It’s something I’ve developed more and more, by finding something that works and moving with it. I like the idea of consistency, I like the idea of a repetitive task, I like the idea of doing a process in the same way over. If you’ve got something that’s good, keep doing it, it’ll get better. I don’t think I’m trying to manipulate it, I think I’m trying to create an honest portrait of someone. 

You mother and father are artists, your step father is a photographer. Do you think that growing up in a household where creativity is the everyday norm, makes you more likely to follow a creative pursuit, or do you think that this is within someone from day one? 

I don’t think it’s in someone from day one. You’re defined by the people around you, my environment did dictate a lot of the things I do, and my thinking. I’ve always over thought art and I think that’s because I was always surrounded by people that do that. 

Show me 3 artists or photographers that have influenced you and explain why…

Mark Rothko – I really love the minimal and the transcendental of his work. Recreating the sublime with abstract form rather than an obvious landscape, acts a good surreal to me. 

Nan Goldin – Her intimacy and honest approach to photography has always been a big influence to me. I have used this quote in my own photography for my whole journey so far.. “You should always photograph your own tribe.”

Geir Moseid – A great photographer from Norway and a very good friend of mine. Manages to find the humour in the mundane, in a surreal way. 

photo 3pix_zpseae9026f.jpg

From left to right: Nan Goldin, Mark Rothko, Geir Moseid

What do you want to do with your photography next? 

I want to really take the art and story telling side of photography and be funny. Be a bit more stupid with it, at the moment I’ve been taking pictures of strange souvenirs that you find on holiday. I’m working on a project at the moment called “You think you know where you are but you don’t because you’re stupid.” I like the idea of being a little bit more sideways comical about it, it’s meant to be silly, but it’s also meant to be a little bit serious. Like isn’t it weird that you can find an orthodox Jewish rubber duck in a Jewish memorial museum in Berlin? That’s kind of odd isn’t it? Funny in the odd is something i’d like to explore more. I’d like to take more of a f*** you attitude to the art world, I’ve seen a few photographers do it recently and I kind of like it, like my friend Geir Moseid, he does it and he showed me some other Scandinavian photographers doing it, it’s kind of funny. 

You are funny and odd, that is not a question, that is my parting statement. Do you have anything to say about that?

I agree whole heartedly. 

See some more of Tom’s work here: tomkavanagh.com

On All Fours – his Masters Voice

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What can I say about todays On All Fours apart from HMV. 

Buster is a big lover of music, just like me and this gramaphone is an original HMV one with the logo and the famous image of the dog looking into the speaker. 

All I can say is Buster wanted to re-enact this, so we let him. 


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To celebrate the start of Paris Fashion Week S/S14, Im running this shoot I worked on for French Vogue back in 2001. I can’t believe these photographs were taken 12 years ago!!

This trip to Jamaica was the 2nd of two shoots we shot whilst spending a week on the caribbean island. The first shoot we did was with Carmen Cass. I have posted that shoot already ( go to #editorialarchive ). This particular shoot stars the lovely belgian model Delphine Balfort. Delphine was a favourite model of Corinne’s. She liked her tomboy looks with her whiter than white blonde hair. Delphine also has a boy shaped body that Corinne always loved.  we shot her on many occasions.

This shoot was all about the black bikini and Corinne wanted to put Delphine into typical Jamaican looking surroundings.

These pictures were all about Delphine hanging out as if she was a local. I hope you enjoy the beauty and the simplicity of them!


Photographed by Corinne Day

Styling by Anastasia Barbieri

Make up by Mary Jane Frost .

Model:  Delphine Bafort.

Hair by me .

Moods comedy Monday – “Lucky Bitches”

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To wipe away any of this weeks Monday blues I’ve chosen a sketch by my favourite comediennes once again, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders.  

This sketch is probably one of their most well known ones and is titled “Lucky Bitches”

Its their version of the story of Joan and Jackie Collins.   

I’ll let the video do the rest of the talking whilst you can laugh out loud (LOL) to their interpretation of the story of these two World famous sisters. 

Happy Monday Everyone!!

BA569 from Milan

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BA569 from Milan,8.10pm landing in London #sunset #londonsky #redskyatnight #london #mfw #sunsetsky @london

MGSM official show

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#MSGM @msgm_official show #mfw Softly textured, naturally side parted, low ponytails using @lorealpro Gorgeous, perfect orange lips by @thevalgarland @macmakeup #loreal #volumetry #texturedust #tropical #prints

Me and my bionic hand

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Me and my bionic hand #bts at #MSGM show #mfw #ss14 #showlineup

Things we like – Bumble and Bumble grooming creme

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Its been a while since I’ve done a things we like video, but I thought it was a good time to talk about one of my favourite styling products, since I’m always being asked at the shows.

Grooming Creme is a styling moisturiser that basically gives a lived in texture, and natural looking separation to just about anyones hair. I use it everyday on my own hair which is curly, and a little frizzy. It helps to calm it all down. That said, its not just for men!!!

Watch the video for more info.